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Is your Curriculum Vitae portraying the right image for you?  Are you getting interviews or rejections?   

Is it outdated or confusing, missing valuable information, painting a negative picture, or losing a Hiring Managers attention with too many words? Is your Résumé meeting NZ Job Market requirements or costing you valuable job opportunities? 

Engage the personalised CV Writing services of a recruitment professional who knows the current job market and how to tailor your CV so it gets results. 

Kirsty Morrison from One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer has worked both in HR and Recruitment as well as been a Senior Manager for staff in a variety of different industries. She has a Marketing and Communications background and a current and clear understanding of what employers and HR Managers are looking for now, as well as all the tips n' tricks to the trade when it comes to the current job market.

CV Writing and Job Search Support options: 

We go through your work history in detail and provide you with an up to date and aesthetically pleasing Word and PDF document that you can keep current and you can make changes yourself as your career progresses.

  • Current style CV aimed at the New Zealand job market.
  • Easy to read format, with key skills highlighted.
  • We will gather the information, ask the questions and pull it all together. 
  • Personalised profile and objective covering relevant information. 
  • Key transferable skills, strengths, experience and achievements identified.
  • Any gaps, timeout and reasons for leaving explained professionally.
  • Past employers logos, website links and company descriptions (if possible). 
  • CV in email format (Word and PDF) so it can easily be forwarded to potential employers. Update yourself at a later date for no extra cost.
  • Simply email us your old CV and we will ask the right questions to fill in the gaps and give it a fresh new format and look.  
  • Or see below for our one to one consultation prices - this may be better if you don't have time for responding to email questions, as we get everything covered in one meeting, along with finding out what makes you tick (this option also includes a job specific or general cover letter).


  • Individualised general Cover Letter in the same style as your CV
  • Role specific cover letter created for particular position. Includes analysis of job and alignment with your skills and experience, aimed at the company you are applying to. 


  • An in-person consultation can be added on to our CV Writing / CV Makeover services, to help us really find out more about you.
  • Receive a Cover Letter in the same style as your CV (worth $30 - $50)
  • Meeting includes analysis of the job you are applying for and CV and Cover Letter aligned with your skills and experience.
  • You will need to meet with One21 in Tauranga for this service.


  • To really get ahead of the game take advantage of One21’s  job application tips and spend some time getting coached on interview preparation.
  • Gain confidence through a one to one career consultation and assistance with job search methods and interview techniques.
  • Discuss current job situation and future career options.  
  • Complete an Online Behavioural Profiling survey which is used to establish strengths, skills, areas for development, suitable job types etc.
  • Look at job search methods and suggested places to search for jobs. 
  • We provide job application support including analysis of job descriptions and vacancies and suggestions for CV's and cover letters.
  • Interview techniques and preparation, coaching and role play.  
  • Establish answers to STAR behavioural and scenario type questions. 
  • Includes 'Job Step's' information handouts covering handy tips and links and STAR answers to help you in every interview situation.


  • Individual Assessment Reports range from $75 up to $390
  • Find out why some people love their job and others can’t wait to get out the door?
  •  Every job requires a specific behavioural style for it to be done successfully. We provide pre-employment behavioural and psychometric profiling surveys to see what type of jobs suit your personality. 
  • If you would like to explore more about what career suits you, then get in touch now and we will work out the best option for your needs. 
  • We use all the top assessment provider tools that get the easiest to comprehend results at a discounted rate!


  • 3 x Skills Tests for $75
  • Online Testing available on all Microsoft programmes such as Excel, Word, Outlook etc as well as role specific testing such as accounting functions, sales skills or legal terminology etc.


One21 - HR and Recruitment Outsourcer 
Tauranga CV Writing and Interview Coaching Services
Phone: 021 355 179


"Kirsty updated my CV and what an amazing job - I applied for a position and had a call from the company within 1 hour of submitting my CV - Thanks Kirsty you are amazing and I would recommend your services to everyone :)" SM

"I have found the CV writing and Cover Letter  service very helpful. Kirsty Morrison met with me and we spent a couple of hours over a few hot coffees sorting out the big skeletons in my work history. She is very intuitive and remarkable at finding the right words to describe situations. I feel prepared and confident to get back out there now!" BN

"I recently hired Kirsty to help me with my resume and letter for a job vacancy I was applying for as she had been recommended by two trusted people. She was so helpful in that first meeting that I went on to hire her to do some interview coaching. I can say that it was what got me my job. Now that I'm in a Management position, when I need to hire I'm going to check out her recruitment services - if she does the same with our applicants as what she did for me I know it will be good value for money and a successful experience." AM

"I told Kirsty that I had not had any complaints or negative feedback in all the 19 applications I had made using my UK style CV. She then asked if I had been invited for any interviews. The answer was No. She then asked if I had been given any feedback at all. Another No. I'd just had 12 rejection emails and the others didn't respond at all. Kirsty was the only person who bothered to suggest my CV was missing some vital details that NZ employers want to see. That really says something about her professionalism and I really appreciate she took the time to give me some sound advice." Peter C

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