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Proud to be Local

   Kirsty Morrison from One21 Recruitment is proud to be able to contribute to the growth of Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty Region by attracting new talent and skills here, helping local people with their career moves, and assisting businesses to grow and develop by getting the right staff on board.

One21 is a locally owned and operated business optimizing recruitment services to a global standard. We work closely with our clients on a one-off or ongoing basis, get an in-depth understanding of their team culture, company values, and future goals, and provide the right resources to add value to their business.

Finding and placing the best 'fit' of candidate/employee in every job is our core mission, so One21 use your brand and promotes your companies compelling story to attract quality candidates.

We use the latest tools, online technology, screening, shortlisting and interview techniques, skills testing, psychometric profiling, cloud based applicant tracking systems, social media, and job sites for advertising, along with directly targeting talent databases and accessing local networks, sending job notifications to candidates on online platforms, helping with Immigration and Work Visa placements, and of course, utilizing One21's extensive experience and knowledge of the current job market to attract the right people and help our clients make well-informed choices.

Kirsty Morrison, Owner of One21 Recruitment is a friendly, highly responsive, agile, and adaptable business partner who is easy to work with, affordable and flexible with her recruitment and outplacement support pricing and services to meet any budget.

Save time, save money, get great results and mitigate the risk of making a bad hire, by engaging a professional recruitment partner to work with your business.

If you would like to hear more about the different services One21 provides and see if we are a fit for your needs, then please get in touch today.

Phone: 021 355 179



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Our Blog

Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand

Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand

Our Latest Blog Entry

15 March 2022

BEWARE the Black Hole​ of JOB SCAMS & Recruitment Fraud

New Zealand Recruitment Specialist warns Job Seekers to beware of scammers and fraudulent job sites that use advertisements 'scraped' from reputable job-boards as click-bait.

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Our Second Blog Entry

14 February 2022

PEOPLE INVESTMENT - Are you getting it right?

It's easy to make a mistake and get stuck with the WRONG people for your business.

If you are looking to make your next 'People Investment' why not talk to One21 Recruitment about managing the recruitment process for you. It's very easy to get it wrong, but as your dedicated Recruitment Business Partner and Hiring Outsourcer, we can help you get it right!

One21 offer the following .....

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Our First Blog Entry

15 January 2022

INTERNAL vs EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT - Why Choose when you can have both?

One21 combine the advantages of having an Internal Recruiter on-call (whose not on your permanent payroll), with the benefits of outsourcing to an external Recruitment Agency and Acquisition Specialist for sourcing, attracting and on-boarding talent.

Kirsty Morrison teams up with your HR / Hiring Manager to define job requirements and takes responsibility for all pre-hire tasks - ad writing and marketing; screening, qualifying; reference, skills, culture and team-fit checking; coordinating interviews; communications; negotiations, feedback and after-hire follow up.

One21 are agile and resourceful and can get the word out in a hurry and move swiftly to fill any temp, contract or permanent position.


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