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Are you Hiring Part-Time Staff - Tauranga Jobs

Tauranga Businesses - Are You HiringPart-TimeStaff?

One21 Recruitment have an extensive range of skilled candidates seeking permanent part-time, contract or short term employment in the Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty region.

From Trades and Retail through to Accounts and Office Administration and Legal and Professional services, we have quality candidates that could be just the ticket for your business needs.

In many cases our candidates are already screened, selected and short-listed, interviewed, skills tested, reference and background checked, with their motivations, availability and reliability discussed, photographed and profiled and ready to be considered for your job.

Seasons Greetings! Seeking a New Job in the New Year?


It's a busy time of the year and nobody really feels like job hunting right now with the holidays just around the corner. But don't miss out on a new job in the New Year! Apply now and see what wishes and goals you can achieve with a fresh start in 2017.

For more information on these roles or to register your interest please click on theAPPLY link next to each role:

Process Design Engineer, Bay of Plenty Jobs                                              

Top Tauranga Business Seeking New Staff

Are you a Tauranga or New Zealand business looking to fill a Job Vacancy?
Why not try One21 Recruitment....

Why use an out of town agency when you have a local, national and international recruitment professional right here in your own neighbourhood with 100% talent sourcing success rates? 

And as we are a recruitment outsourcer we cost only a little more than DIY, half the price or more than a traditional big city recruitment agency and a whole lot less than making a hiring mistake by getting it wrong!

90 Day Trial Error and Dismissal for medical incapacity…


Employee justifiably dismissed for medical incapacity…

An employee has been dismissed 22 months after suffering a serious spinal and pelvic injury while at work. The employee returned to work after a year, under a graduated return to work programme organised by ACC. The employee completed light duties and had built up to working 16 hour weeks when his occupational medical specialist told him that he would not be able to return to work in his pre-injury role.

CV Writing / CV Makeover - Half Price Special

CV Writing / CV Makeover 
Half Price Special 
Limited Spaces
One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer

Have you found you are not getting interviews for jobs that should have been a perfect match? Perhaps your CV is ending up in the 'Not Complete / Too Many Questions / Badly Written / Too Many Errors / Out of Date / Antiquated Style' basket of a hiring managers inbox?

For a limited time we are offering a half price special on CV writing / CV updating.

One21 are recruitment professionals with many years experience recruiting for leading businesses and organisations in the Bay of Plenty and beyond and we know what information is crucial to getting you to the next stage of a job selection process.

Are you paying TOO MUCH for Recruitment?

Are you paying TOO MUCH for Recruitment?

A little bit more shameless self promotion is needed today, as I just talked to a local agency and was absolutely flabbergasted by their steep - in fact ridiculously out-of-this-world high fees for recruiting. 

They proposed that if my clients paid them 22% for a candidate (based on first years annual salary) that they would be getting a great deal. When I suggested that price was a bit extreme the consultant said it was because they do 'elite' head hunting around New Zealand.

What exactly DO I DO?

A little shameless self promotion here, since I've realised a lot of my connections don't even know what I do exactly! One21 are Recruitment Process Outsourcers for market leading businesses in the Bay of Plenty, providing cost effective, timely, individualised, results driven recruiting solutions, often at a third of the cost or less, than traditional recruitment agencies. We utilise creative marketing, specialist knowledge, a comprehensive database & our wide web of connections, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding your next star employee or contractor.

Before you Hire - Check the Costs of an Employee

A new employee might take your business to a whole new level. But before you commit, take a moment to think about the less obvious costs involved in taking on a new employee. 

Use the Employee Cost Calculator to understand the costs of a new employee. This provides indicative costs of what hiring will actually cost, and prompt you to also think about:
  • Salary or hourly wages
  • ACC levies, KiwiSaver contributions and Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Recruitment costs(Nb: One21 Recruitment are a contractor with specialised skills and charge lower costs than a recruitment agency charging a contingency fee - this will save you on many other costs in regards to time, advertising, processing applications, interviewing and making the

20 minute delay costs employer heaps…A TIMELY REMINDER!

20 minute delay costs employer heaps…

The Employment Relations Authority has upheld an employee’s personal grievance claim for unjustified dismissal because the 90-day trial clause in his contract was ineffective.

The clause was correctly worded, the employee was given a copy of the contract and signed it before he started work. 

So what went wrong for the employer?

The ERA held that the clause failed to be effective for two reasons (either would have been sufficient to set aside the clause).

  1. The 

How an RPO works


Recruitment Process Outsourcing is where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider who specializes in this area(such as One21 - The Recruitment Outsourcer). We act as the 'internal' recruitment function for your company for either a portion or all of the job and can manage the entire recruiting/hiring process or just parts of it. 

We usually work very closely with the Human Resource or Hiring Managers as the recruitment arm of the business, manage any collaborative relationships with specialist recruitment agencies when necessary and take care of all the advertising and marketing of the role vacancy, all communications and arrangements with applicants and every other aspect of the recruitment process.

Recruiting Staff? Save $$$'s


SaveTimeandMoneywhen recruiting for your next vacancy as One21 haveSkilled Candidatesavailable now who have already been screened, interviewed and reference checked. 

We have Accountants at all levels, Project Managers, Company Managers, Medical Device Specialists, Engineers, Designers, Business Developers, Administrators and Sales and Marketing staff ... to name a few.

For more information contact: 

Kirsty Morrison 
RCSA Accredited Recruiter
One21 - HR and Recruitment Outsourcer

Dental/Medical Device People Needed

NEW ZEALAND!Yes that's the wee country situated near the bottom of the globe - first country in the world to see the sun and also a great place for innovation and entrepreneurs with our 'Number 8 Wire' mentality that we can find a solution to everything - if we just look at it from a different angle! 

I work exclusively as an Outsource Recruiter for a couple of high growth, innovative, award winningDental/Medical Device R&DandManufacturersbased here in New Zealand (Triodent DENTSPLY (N.

Please Vote for One21 - HR and Recruitment

It's the last chance to ask for Votes to become NZ's 'Favourite Small Recruiter' - possibly even the smallest :) If you haven't voted yet and think One21 - HR and Recruitment do a good job then please take a moment to show your support by clicking on the link below - it is really appreciated. 
Many Thanks 
Kirsty x

SME Business Solutions - please recommend

Do you know any SME Businesses or large organisations that could benefit from employee engagement interviews or professionally conducted performance reviews? Or they may need help planning an HR strategy thats going to help them gain, train and retain the right staff and save them money in the long run. 

One21 specializes in the holistic planning for everything to do with employment -  not just the recruitment process but what comes before and after. Its not about a quick fix - we are helping businesses grow with long term answers to their employment needs.


Do you know any businesses that need these services, but don't need another full time staff member? 

One2One can help withcreative job marketing, the latest insocial media, online and printadvertising, all aspects ofrecruitmentprocessing right through to running panel interviews, job descriptions, background checks, inductions and on-boarding, as well asemployee engagementsuch as role audits, performance reviews, on the job training and evenredundancy outplacement supportandCVpackages....
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