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HR Strategy and Recruitment Planning: 

Are you thinking sustainability and best business practice when it comes to hiring new staff?

Hiring and firing can often be a knee jerk reaction rather than a well thought out process. You may want to get a seat filled immediately because an empty desk equates to loss of income.

But the losses may be far greater in the long run if you haven't thought about what you really need, hired the wrong skill set, didn't consider the 'fit' needed to get the best team working together, spent too little time on induction and training, didn't catch up regularly to make sure they are on track, and then let them go as you thought it was too late to fix the problems .... and then started the process all over again.

And how does hiring new people affect existing team members? Perhaps you already have staff employed that are disengaged and unproductive simply because they need new challenges and motivation. Remember many skills can be learned on the job and taking the time to engage your employees usually results in increased productivity and decreased staff turnover.

We take a 'holistic' view of an organisations needs, find out what skill shortages there might be and look closely into whether you are fully engaging the staff you already have in place. In fact you may not need to actually recruit at all.

Get One21 involved with your HR strategy before your next employment process starts and work out a 'best practice' plan for the long term by identifying strengths in your current workforce, recruiting talent to fill skills shortages and by optimizing productivity and performance through ongoing employee engagement.

Plan ahead with a One21 HR Strategy that aligns with your Business and Marketing Plans. We can help assess exactly what you are looking for, set in place goals, criteria, induction guidelines, training and timelines to follow.

Employee Engagement

Better Organisational Development - Performance Reviews and Profiling

Our objective is to help businesses who want to achieve a sense of belonging and joint vision within their team.

Employee Surveys, Performance Reviews and Behavioural Profiling can provide the tools to help get people motivated by identifying their strengths and areas for development and the support they may need to achieve goals.

A well managed and happy team can increase productivity and profitability.

Employee Surveys

Highly skilled in engaging staff with our interviewing techniques we sit down with each employee to conduct a one on one survey on how they see the organisation and their place in it, what they are happy with, if there are any concerns, what ideas they have for better processes or growth and any areas they see that could be improved.

We identify what your staffs areas of strengths are and how these could be better utilized and if they could benefit from training or professional development. We also identify areas where there may be communication break downs between managers, staff and departments and how these could be improved with simple solutions.

Unlike an online survey, we are gathering information in person and questioning more in-depth anything that has been identified as areas of concern by the employer or the employee. The information gained can then be used to put in place a plan that keeps the employee engaged and productive moving forward.

Performance Reviews Are you and your staff getting the most out of Performance Reviews? Do you need to align with remuneration increases to simplify your HR practices? Have you had problems with PR processes turning into PG's?

A formal performance review not only gets employers back on track with training and succession planning but also ensures employees have clear targets to aim for and can perform to agreed standards, both in terms of what is expected and how the results are achieved.

We can coordinate and conduct your performance review process, take care of the one on one interviews and report on the findings. We firstly understand the organisations goals, the requirements of each job and the expectations of both the employer and the employee. We make it about the job and whether it is getting done - not about potential personality conflicts within the organisation.

A good performance review process can:

  • Gather important feedback
  • Identify any training or hiring needs
  • Increase work place satisfaction
  • Define better job descriptions
  • Get everyone focused on achieving business objectives and goals
  • Increase motivation
  • Make you aware of your teams strengths and key behaviours
  • Improve performance and achieve higher levels of productivity
  • Annually align performance reviews and remuneration appraisals
  • Eliminate potential legal ramifications from the traditional Manager to Employee PR process, where things can tend to get personal!
Behavioural Profiling

Why do some people love their job and others can’t wait to get out the door? Every job requires a specific behavioral style for it to be done successfully. We provide pre-employment behavioural and psychometric profiling tools to use in the selection process to assess how well someone will fit in with your existing team. We also offer an 'On The Job' Profiling tool for figuring out how to make your current team work better. We use MyProfile and Extended Disc for online psychometric and personality testing and help our clients decipher and put to use the results in their workplace.

Some of the benefits of these profile tools are listed below:

  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes now or in the future
  • Employ people with the right attitude
  • Reduce conflict and workplace stress
  • Understand what motivates your employees
  • Improve team performance
  • Maximize your employees’ strengths and talents
  • Assess their value to the organization
  • How effective will they be on the job
  • Are they a good ‘fit’ for the job
  • What talents and behaviours do they bring to the job
  • What are their work-related strengths and how do they handle stress
  • The most productive environment for them
  • Their sales and leadership strengths
  • How to communicate and motivate them
  • How they can make a difference to your business and the job performance   

Skills Testing

3 x Tests for $75Online Testing available on all Microsoft programmes such as Excel, Word, Outlook etc as well as role specific testing such as accounting functions, sales skills or legal terminology etc.

By placing the right person in the job from the start, you eliminate costly hiring mistakes, and improve effectiveness in the workplace. If you would like to find out more about how we can help then please get in touch now with Kirsty Morrison at One21:

Phone: 021 355 179



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